Working While Injured.

Well for the umpteenth time in my life I have injured myself. This time pretty severely. I almost cut off my thumb the other day and they leaf blower, of all things. Just a word to the wise if you have a leaf blower check to see that it has its guard on the intake still intact. I’ll spare you the Gory details.

So here I am right handed. I do everything with my right hand pretty much. Oh did I mention it with the day before bow season opener here in Iowa?

My mother once told me that people do what they want to do. This also goes for physical handicaps in my mind. I cut off another finger on the same hand many years ago and wanted to play my trumpet. It was my trigger finger or my first key finger for my trumpet. I learned to play with my last three fingers and then with my left hand. And after a while I didn’t even have to think about how I was doing the fingering on my trumpet it was just instinctive. I could have given up could have just said, now I have a reason not to do it anymore. However it is what I wanted to do. It’s like flint knapping and blacksmithing and scrimshawing. I want to do them therefore I will. I will do it even if I have to use my damn feet! I will find a way right thumb or no!

Oh, as far as shooting and missing my trigger finger I have probably killed more deer using my middle finger to pull the trigger then with my index finger.

I don’t know about you but I have a different work ethic than most people. I am a believer in God’s word. When it says that “we need to do everything that we do with all our might as unto the Lord,”I take it to heart. That means I’m not going to quit because I’m missing a part of my body. It means that I will find another way no matter what. It might mean I need to do more teaching than Hands-On work I don’t know.

As many of you know I make Dentures for a living. I work for a large Dental management company that will not allow me to return to work and less I am cleared by a doctor. To my knowledge they have nothing like light duty for me to do. So I must rely on God going forward for everything. Yes I have a mortgage yes I have payment. Who doesn’t. We all have our struggles in life. Mind you I’m not whining or complaining or even holding out my hand. My trust is in the Lord . Has been in the past and will be in the future.

Some of you might have remembered a YouTube video ideas that some time ago and I couldn’t use my right arm to hammer because it was so painful due to a shoulder injury. In that video I was hammering left-handed. So I’ve already tried it out and I plan to work left handed until my right hand is usable again.

I might not even get into doing some online computer work. Only the Lord knows. So if you’re feeling bad for yourself don’t. sometimes I get down and worried about my future however if I starve to death I will have the ability to walk before God and say to him isn’t it wonderful that I was able to starve for your kingdom. some people might say think that’s a stupid thing to say. However I do not. That is how completely I rely on Jesus Christ and my God for everything. As Paul the Apostle once said,” If I abound or if I have lack I will trust in the Lord!”

If you would like information about blacksmithing classes or Flint knapping I am in the Des Moines Iowa area. I take PayPal as well as most major credit cards. I have items for sale on my website and I sell items on eBay and Etsy. if you just like to talk about the difficulties you’re going through give me a call.

Love you all. Greg Malone 315-744-0007